Iran sees progress at talks, others demurr

ISTANBUL  — Iran said differences were narrowing Friday at talks with six world powers looking for curbs on Teheran's ability to turn its nuclear program toward making atomic arms, but others said it was too early to speak of progress.
"Compared to the Geneva talks, the negotiations in Istanbul are being held in a more positive way," Iranian delegate Abolfazl Zohrevand said, referring to talks in the Swiss city that ended last month with an agreement on nothing more than to meet again in Turkey. "There are good signs that the two sides will make progress."
A diplomat familiar with the talks, however, said the two sides stated their positions then broke for a buffet of chicken saltimbocca with smoked tomato squash, steamed seabass, ravioli, baldo pilaf with peas, couscous, grilled vegetables cheeses and deserts. The diplomat asked for anonymity in exchange for commenting on the closed meeting.