Iranian official warns West against interfering in internal affairs

Iran's Parliament warned leaders of the US, the UK, France and Germany on Sunday not to interfere in the country's internal affairs, threatening that Iran would respond to such meddling "in other fields." "It is embarrassing that the US, which has resorted to every cruelty on Iran's nation over half a century including backing the toppled Shah's regime, inhumane brutalities against people and imposing the Iraq war on Iran, is now worried about Iran's territorial integrity and human rights," Iran's ISNA news agency quoted Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani as saying. The Iranian parliament speaker directed a message directly at US President Barack Obama, saying that he "showed the deceitful meaning of change too soon." "We Iranians know the way to resolve our differences very well, there is no need for your opportunistic and imperialistic gestures," he asserted. Larijani called for Iran's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission to revise relations with the US, UK, France and Germany.