Islamist set to be Egypt's new parliament speaker

CAIRO - Leading Egyptian political parties will back a senior figure in the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) for the assembly's speaker with another Islamist group and a liberal party taking the deputy posts, an FJP official said on Monday.
The FJP, which secured the biggest bloc in a parliamentary election, is proposing its Secretary-General Mohamed al-Katatni for speaker, the head of the Brotherhood's party Mohamed Morsi said after parties met.
Under the agreement reached between the main parties which included liberal and Islamists groups, the two deputy speaker posts would go to the Islamist al-Nour party, runners up in the vote, and the liberal Wafd party, one of the next biggest groups.
Full results have yet to be announced because votes in some areas are going to be run again, but the broad result of the staggered election that began in November is already clear. Parliament gathers for its first session on Jan. 23.