Israel Prize laureate Yehuda Kiel passes away

Yehuda Kiel, a leading educator andbible commentator, passed away in Jerusalem overnight Wednesday.

Bornin Lithuanian in 1916, Kiel made aliyah in 1936 and in the 1940s wasinstrumental in leading the Bnei Akiva youth movement and thenational religious educational system. He also headed the religiouseducation department in the Education Ministry in the years1967-1977.

But Kiel is perhaps most famous for the monumentalbiblical commentary Da'at Miqra project he led, which encompassesmodern scientific research with traditional biblical exegesis. Healso wrote the commentary of several of the volumes, and in 1992received the Israel Prize for it.

In 2002 he received the YakirYerushalayim (Worthy of Jerusalem) award. He will be laid to rest atthe Shamgar funeral home in the capital at 4:30 on Thursday.