Israeli model arrested in Turkey after bullets found in his bag

Israeli arrested in Turk

Israeli male model Oren Kadosh, son of Beitar Shimshon Tel Aviv soccer coach Michael Kadosh, was arrested in an airport in Turkey late on Wednesday night after two rifle bullets were discovered in his bag. On Thursday morning, his father told Israel Radio that when Oren was packing for a vacation in Antalya, the 24-year-old model used a bag belonging to his younger brother, who is undergoing basic training in the IDF. "That's why the bag had bullets in it," Michael Kadosh explained, adding that "obviously, Oren would have removed the bullets from the bag had he noticed they were there." When he left Israel with his girlfriend last week, Kadosh went through security at Ben Gurion International Airport without anyone noticing the bullets. When Turkish authorities spotted the bullets in his luggage, Kadosh was arrested. Later on Thursday, a police prosecutor in Turkey will determine whether to release Kadosh or extend his remand.