Italian MP protests 'anti-Semitic' parties in European body

Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein led a charge in Strasbourg Monday against the inclusion in the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly of two parliamentarians from anti-Semitic European political parties: Hungary's Jobbik party, and Greece's Golden Dawn party.


 Nirenstein challenged the inclusion into the body on procedural grounds of Eleni Zaroulia from the Greek party and Tamas Gaudi Nagy from the Hungarian Jobbik party on the grounds that both belong to parties that are "racist and anti-Semitic," and whose values stand in contradiction to the Council of Europe's ideals.


Nirenstein, who recently announced she was leaving Italian politics and making aliya, said Zaroulia told the Greek parliament that immigrants were "sub-humans" who invaded the country and spread disease, and Nagy spoke before his parliament of a list of Jews who threatened national security.


The challenges were supported by at least 10 other members of the assembly from five other countries. The Assembly's rule's committee will meet to consider the request, and is to give a decision within a week.