Italy court rules Berlusconi can attend tax trial

MILAN - Milan court doctors ruled on Saturday that Silvio Berlusconi was able to attend a tax fraud appeal, rejecting the former prime minister complaint that an eye condition prevented him leaving hospital.
The 76-year-old center-right leader and media mogul faces a spate of trials this month as he fights for his political future following the inconclusive national election.
On Friday a hearing in a trial where he is accused of having sex with an under-age prostitute was postponed after he entered hospital with an eye problem, despite the prosecutor's complaint that the hospitalization was merely a delaying tactic.
However, on Saturday the court in the tax fraud case sent inspectors to examine him in the clinic where he was being treated by his private doctor and they ruled that his problem was not a "legitimate impediment" to him appearing in court.
"It's been rejected, we are carrying on," one of Berlusconi's lawyers told Reuters.