J-Street warns Pence and Trump exacerbating Israeli-Palestinian conflict

"As the Vice President uses Israel as just another partisan issue on which to pander to his far-right evangelical base, it is the Israeli and Palestinian peoples who will pay the price," J-Street founder and president Jeremy Ben-Ami charged on Monday, following US Vice President Mike Pence's speech at the Israeli parliament. 
"With virtually every policy decision and statement they make, Trump and Pence are exacerbating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and severely limiting their own ability to help resolve it. In doing so, they are undermining US interests and influence in the region," warned Ben-Ami, whose organization has for years advocated for more concessions to the Palestinians by Israel in the interest of peace. 
"An administration that truly cared about Israel would work to secure its future with serious leadership towards a two-state solution. Yet Trump and Pence can’t even bring themselves explicitly endorse the concept of two states for two peoples. They are empowering hardline rejectionists on both sides and dangerously jeopardizing Israel’s future as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people," warned Ben-Ami.