Jewish Democrats slam GOP for Ron Paul tribute

WASHINGTON - Jewish Democrats on Friday slammed Republicans for planning a tribute to US Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) at the Republican convention.
In a press call Friday, a top aide to Republican US presidential candidate Mitt Romney confirmed that there would be a prime time video tribute to Paul.
"Paying tribute to this man who disparaged the US-Israel relationship on Iranian television and empathized with Iran's nuclear weapons program -- on top of the history of his hate-filled newsletters -- is a national disgrace," the National Jewish Democratic Council said in a statement. "Romney and the RNC should cancel the tribute and end this dangerous strategic partnership once and for all." The RNC refers to the Republican National Committee.
Paul, a libertarian who this year sought the GOP presidential nomination, has opposed foreign assistance, including to Israel, and has criticized multiple administrations, including that of US President Barack Obama, for what he describes as an overly militant posture in the Middle East.