Jordanian FM denies regime is in danger of Egypt-like fall

Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh dismissed the idea that Jordan's government would fall in a similar fashion to Egypt's regime, stating "Jordan is Jordan, Egypt is Egypt...we enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of expression." Judeh's comments came in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer which aired Saturday.
"I'm watching all the media outlets and I'm seeing the comparisons and I'm seeing the expectations. And one would confidently say that here in Jordan, we had demonstrations, as we have every year when it comes to economic issues and government's adopting policies that are unpopular," Judeh said. "We have economic hardship but we still have economic stability and political stability and political reform that is initiated by his majesty, the king, by the government. We're OK."
Judeh expressed hope that the Egyptian army would ensure continued stability in the country.
"Egypt is a pillar of regional security and I think that what we have to watch out now for is the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces ensuring that the transition period leads Egypt into a new era that ensures Egypt's continued growth in the region," he said.