Judge orders Kadima to pay Likud NIS 800,000

Jerusalem Magistrate's Court Judge Arnon Darel ruled in favor of the Likud party on Monday night in a lawsuit against Kadima that had stretched on for more than five years.
The two parties fought over party funding and debts that 14 Likud MKs took from the party when they formed Kadima on November 21, 2005. The judged ruled that a sum that Kadima initially paid Likud was incorrect and ordered the party to pay Likud NIS 726,532 plus interest and NIS 50,000 in legal fees.
The sum was less than then-Likud faction chairman and current Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar sued for, but the party rejoiced at the verdict.
"We believe Kadima was founded in sin and the court endorsed this view with its ruling," Likud director-general Gadi Arieli said.
A Kadima spokesman said the party's attorneys would need to study the verdict before he could react.