Kadima: PM trying to turn IBA into his political tool

Following reports of the impending appointment of the Prime Minister’s Office director-general to manage the financial crisis in the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA), Kadima accused Prime Minster Binyamin Netanyahu of “turning what is left of public broadcasting” into his own political tool.
In a statement, the leading opposition party called it a “callous and severe” move in which “the fate of the remaining correspondents, writers, editors and other IBA employees will depend on his (Netanyahu’s) compassion and authority."
The statement said the move would clearly be aimed at "turning the IBA into a political shofar of the government, and ending its role as the public shofar which gives expression to all layers of society.”
Kadima called on Netanyahu to instead immediately push through the IBA Bill, which Kadima brought to the last Knesset and passed in a preliminary reading. The bill would remove what Kadima said was a “direct and dangerous” political link to the IBA.
The party said it would submit a no-confidence motion to the Knesset over the government’s conduct on the IBA affair.