Keshev c'tee hears proposals for draft dodgers penalties

The Keshev committee, tasked with replacing the Tal Law, heard several different proposals on Thursday for solutions to the problem of low haredi rates of enlistment in national service programs.
Shahar Ilan, Deputy Director of the prominent religious-freedom lobbying group Hiddush, said that financial sanctions should be leveled at ultra-Orthodox men who refuse to serve by excluding them from receiving stipends and other benefits currently allocated to them. 
Renegade Shas MK Haim Amsallem and head of the Am Shalem political movement proposed instead that an intensive, four-year yeshiva study course be established and recognized as a form of national service.
Anyone unable to stand up to the rigors of the program, Amsallem said, would have to complete their national service in the IDF or in civilian service programs in the police or Border Police forces.
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