Knesset discusses allowing synagogue services: 'Let Jews pray!'

UTJ MK Eliyahu Hasid questioned why gyms and swimming pools were allowed to stay open and protests were allowed to continue, while synagogues did not receive the same treatment, at a meeting of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee on Wednesday concerning "discrimination against synagogues with stricter restrictions while distorting the infection data in them."
"The State of Israel is a Jewish and democratic state. For some reason they skipped over [the word] Jewish and are only strict about the democratic part," said Hasid. "Jews who go to synagogue this is an important part of their lives and we need to open the synagogues, with restrictions of course."
Hasid stressed that he was not asking for weddings and bar mitzvas to be allowed, just prayer. "Let Jews pray!"
Shas MK Moshe Abutbul stated that if 100 people can listen to a concert at a hall, then 100 people can listen to a cantor at a synagogue, in reference to allowing services on the upcoming High Holydays.
"We do not want to get into a situation where the public does justice to itself even without asking us," said Abutbul, stressing that synagogues should be opened with a Purple Ribbon system.
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