Kotel rabbi calls 'Women of the Wall' prayer provocation

Kotel rabbi calls Women

Following the arrest and ensuing release of Nofrat Frenkel, who wrapped herself in a talit at the Kotel on Wednesday morning, Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitz slammed the 'Women of the Wall' Rosh Hodesh service and called it a provocation, while rejecting the notion that the group's intent was merely to conduct a peaceful dialogue with their Creator. "This is a prayer meant to bring strife and disagreement," he said on Army Radio. "Even if it is allowed according to Jewish law, the Kotel should remain out of disputes." "The Kotel represents unity," the rabbi continued, and proceeded to call the women's Kotel prayer "an act of Korah," a prominent biblical figure who led a mutiny against Moses. "The group's goal is to get attention and headlines," Rabinovitz continued. "They are trying to make a political fortune through hate. The group has a place to touch the Kotel, the High Court of Justice gave it all it needs," he said, referring to a ruling allocating an area adjacent to the Kotel, yet away from the public eye, where woman may don talitot.