Labor chief Yacimovich assails Netanyahu for 'slapping Americans in face'

Labor Party chairwoman and opposition chief Shelly Yacimovich criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Saturday over the lack of progress in peace talks with the Palestinians.
“In the last two weeks, we have watched with great disappointment at the manner in which the talks have been handled,” Yacimovich said. “It’s a slap in the face to the Americans. It’s complete insanity [for this to happen] at the same time that [the government] is igniting the diplomatic front as it relates to the Iranian issue.”
The Labor chief said that the party would not join the Netanyahu government, but it would support the coalition if tangible progress was made in the peace process.
“Crawling to the Netanyahu government now would put an immediate end to any chance of the talks succeeding,” she said during an appearance at a town hall meeting in Holon. “Netanyahu would have the benefit of a nice, big fig leaf, and he won’t have to do anything else. This would be a huge mistake, similar to the one made by Labor under the leadership of [Ehud] Barak.”
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