Landau rejects Arab-Israeli smear campaigns of Israel

MK Uzi Landau (Yisrael Beiteinu) said that he rejects the smear campaign and never-ending lies of the Arab-Israeli population against the state, Israel Radio reported Tuesday. According to Landau, the Arab sector takes over considerable amounts of land, and robs state land more than any other sector.
Israel Radio reported that Landau criticized Arab MKs that visited Syria and Libya, praising their leaders, and afterward blaming Israel for racism.  As for Palestinians, Landau said that Israel must clarify that if they will take unilateral efforts to improve agreements with them, Israel will do the same. Landau added that Israel could impose sovereignty on the Jordan Valley and the large, existing settlement blocs.
He said it must be clarified to the United States and European nations that their policy  with Palestinians awards them despite their inaction at the negotiating table, distancing themselves from peace, and supporting terrorism.