Lebanese PM calls for Iranian support in election of Christian President

Lebanese Prime Minister Tamam Salam on Sunday called for Iranian support in the election of a new president after a nine month long stretch that has kept the country's top post empty.
The Lebanese Daily Star reported that Salam, in Munich for an international security conference, spoke with Iran's Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zafari, informally, but that his office released an official statement that  clearly asked the Islamic Republic  "to assist in the election of a Lebanese president."
“Every day that goes by without the election of a Christian Maronite President leads to the accumulation of negative effects that impact Lebanon and its image as a unique model of coexistence in the region,” Salam said.
Lebanon has a confessional government, granting each community in the delicately balanced state a share of power. While the Prime Minister must be Sunni and the Speaker of Parliament Shiite Muslim , the Presidency must be held by the Maronite Christian minority.