Liberman alleges Netanyahu told Jordan he wouldn't annex Jordan Valley

Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman alleged on Satruday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told King Abdullah of Jordan that he would not annex the Jordan Valley and that it was all for the elections.
"I found out a few days ago that, during all the talk about annexing the Jordan Valley, Netanyahu sent a message to the King of Jordan saying 'don't worry, it's just election talk, there won't be annexation,'" Liberman said, adding that Netanyahu had security forces deliver the message.
The Likud party responded calling  Liberman's statement "a complete lie."
"This did not happen. Only Prime Minister Netanyahu will annex, while Liberman is going with the Arab Joint List. Liberman's ridiculous lies are outrageous," the Likud party responded.