Lieberman: We hope to reach agreement with US

Israel is trying to reach an agreement with the maximum amount of understanding and concurrence with the US, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Israel Radio on Sunday morning. Responding to reports concerning the development of understandings with President Barack Obama's administration specifically over the construction of settlements in the West Bank, Lieberman said that "We are not looking for fights with the US, I hope that we reach an agreement… I hope we will reach the same Modus Vivendi but even this is uncertain. "Clearly we are investing serious effort into reaching understandings and agreements. Previous understandings must also be included in the new framework [of understandings]." Regarding a refusal of the Swedish government to condemn a highly controversial report in a Swedish tabloid over accusations that IDF soldiers had harvested body parts of Palestinian prisoners, the minister said that "There is no doubt that we are talking about double-standard."