Livni on Obama speech: US and Israel have shared interests

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Sunday commented on US President Barack Obama's speech to AIPAC earlier, saying "The principle of Israel's security and the need to arrive at a two-state solution, one of which is the State of Israel, is first of all an Israeli interest. Therefore, we need to be going in this direction in our partnership with the US."
"It's important to understand that the entire world looks at the relationship between Israel and the United States, especially those who still do not accept our existence here. And part of Israel's deterrence capability comes from the understanding that we are working together [with the US]. Therefore, there is a very important message coming from Washington these days," Livni said.
She stressed, "The things that Obama mentioned represent a long-standing American policy. We have shared interests. This is very important to Israel, so that it can once and for all advance the process to prevent unilateral moves at the United Nations."