Margaret Thatcher to remain in London hospital

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher will remain in a London hospital for several days as she recovers from a broken arm, one of her representatives said Monday. Thatcher spokesman Mark Worthington also said it was an "entirely precautionary measure." "She's very comfortable but the doctors have decided to keep her in," Worthington said, adding that Thatcher was well enough to sit in a chair and chat with visitors. The 83-year-old fractured her upper arm Friday after tripping at her London home. It was originally anticipated she would return home the same day, but doctors decided to keep her in over the weekend. Thatcher, who was Britain's first female prime minister, served three terms. After leaving office in 1990, she was named Baroness Thatcher and took a seat in the House of Lords. In 2002, she cut her workload after suffering a series of minor strokes.