Meridor: If Iran goes nuclear, nonproliferation era will end

The Iranian threat applies not only to Israel, but to many regional and global powers, Intelligence Agencies Minister Dan Meridor told Channel 2 in an interview conducted Saturday evening.
Terms like “threat to Israel’s existence,” he said, scare Jews more than they scare the Iranian leadership. “If Iran wins the struggle – a new era will begin. The NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) era will come to an end,” Meridor cautioned, adding that countries would react to a nuclear Iran by rushing to boost their nuclear arsenals.
Meridor said that were Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, “seventy years of American efforts vis-à-vis the Arab world will collapse, because the [Arab] countries will see that the US could not protect them from Iran.”
He added that fundamentalist terrorist organizations would continue to see Iran as a patron, sponsor and supplier if the country went nuclear. To combat the threat, Meridor said, an “international coalition has formed. It isn’t resolute enough yet, it isn’t unified enough – but it seems to be clear to everyone … that [Iran’s nuclearization] must be stopped.”
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