Microalgael biofuel research at Ariel University

Researchers in the chemical engineering department at Ariel University and the Samaria and Jordan Rift Research and Development Center are growing microalgae in wastewater treatment plants as generators for green transportation oil substitutes.
Led by Dr. Marina Nisnevitch and Dr. Yaakov Anker, the research focuses on developing the microalgae in treated wastewater and then employing their biomass to produce biodiesel.
While biofuel can be produced from many crops such as corn and soybeans, such alternatives can contribute to the depletion of global food sources; whereas, generating the fuel from microalgae does not do so, according to the university.
Microalgae has a rapid growth rate and contain a larger energy content than terrestrial crops. The growth method, according to Nisnevitch, is inexpensive and efficient, and can contribute to reducing Israel¹s dependence on conventional oil.
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