Mob chases student film crew out of Mea Shearim

Mob chases student film

Dozens of ultra-Orthodox youths in the Mea Shearim neighborhood chased away a film crew on Thursday, with the mob reportedly throwing stones and hurling curses at the student filmmakers. Dana Ofer, an actress in the film, said the crew for the Sam Spiegel Film School project had been shooting for hours in a carpenters' workshop without encountering any problems. When they stepped outside to film a scene of a man and woman talking, Ofer said young men and the neighborhood's modesty police patrol quickly gathered around them and began cursing them and demanding they leave. Ofer said the film crew, which numbered around 20 people, was very respectful of the sensibilities of the neighborhood and did not do anything provocative. She added that the filmmakers had spoken to shopkeepers and residents of the neighborhood long before filming began, and was told there would be no problems filming there. "I've never seen this sort of hatred or fury, it was shocking," Ofer stated.