Mubarak calls for int'l security force in West Bank

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak suggested that an international peacekeeping force be stationed in the West Bank as a compromise between Israel's security concerns and the Palestinian's desire for a complete Israeli withdrawal from the territory. Mubarak's comments came in an op-ed piece published in Wednesday's New York Times.
Mubarak also stated his belief that "settlements and peace are incompatible," saying that negotiations cannot succeed without a complete cessation of Israeli expansion into the West Bank and Jerusalem.
The Egyptian president added that Israel-Palestinian peace must come in the context of a larger peace agreement between Israel and the entire Arab world. Mubarak said that such a peace could be obtained by following the parameters of the Arab Peace Initiative, in which Israel would be offered peace and normalization with all of the Arab nations in exchange for a withdrawal from all Arab territory and a just solution to the Palestinian refugee problem.