Netanyahu slams corruption investigations as 'madness'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the recent developments regarding investigations into him "madness" and "false claims" in a video released Tuesday night.
"First of all, with respect to Bezeq: All the decisions in Bezeq are made by professional committees, by professionals, under close legal supervision. There is no Wild West here. There are no private decisions here. All decisions are transparent and controlled. And, therefore, the claim that I acted in favor of Bezeq at the expense of practical considerations is simply baseless," he said.
"It is no longer possible to ignore the orchestrated journey. When the air deflates from Cases 1000 and 2000, when it turns out that in 3000 there was nothing at all, then new cases will be produced. They make a new case every two hours. They bring in associates, interrogate them, every close associate is questioned, and immediately there's a flood of false leaks," he continued.
"And we know what the goal is: to forcefully create a negative cloud over the prime minister's head. It is simply unbelievable."
"So, citizens of Israel, it is important to me that you know this truth. I want you to know that I trust you and trust the judicial system and you can count on me. I continue to lead the State of Israel - responsibly and with discretion," he said.