Netanyahu: The blockade on the Gaza Strip is legal

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday from his office that the Turkel Commission findings on the IDF Turkish flotilla interception clearly shows that the the blockade on Gaza is legal, was legal in May of 2010, and that IDF soldiers acted lawfully and in self-defense, Israel Radio reported.
"The soldiers defended their country and themselves. This is not only their right, but their obligation as well," Netanyahu added. He stated that Israel stands behind the naval commandos and thanks them for their courage.
The prime minister also said that their are many in the world who say that Israel has the right to self-defense, but that that right is limited only to theory. He added that every time Israel acts in self-defense it is blamed as if it committed a war crime - such as with the building of the security fence, reactions to rocket fire from Gaza, and in the raid on the Marmara that was attempting the break the blockade on Gaza.