Netanyahu: We will pass the world's first bi-annual budget

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke about the government's planned bi-annual budget at the Likud's faction meeting held on Monday.
"Today the Knesset will pass the first reading of the first bi-annual budget in the history of the world," said Netanyahu. "The fact that Israel's economy is doing better than much of the world in the midst of the international crisis is because of our stability and our creativity which is reflected in our bi-annual budget."
The prime minister went on in his speech to explain two new budget measures that the government was eager to pass.
"There are two main revelations in the new budget," said Netanyahu. "One is to improve Israel's physical infrastructure with 1.5 billion shekels for paving roads and expanding train lines in the North and South. The other is to strengthen our human infrastructure with half a billion shekels for 900 new computerized classrooms and one year of free tuition for tertiary education students in the North and South and special grants to encourage Israeli academics living abroad to return home to pursue their careers."