Next Minister of Justice may be either Bezalel Smotrich or Yariv Levin

Following the failure of the New Right party to gain enough votes to enter Knesset in the April elections Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to pick either Bezalel Smotrich [United Right] or Yariv Levin [Likud], Channel 12 reported on Thursday morning.
Both Smotrich and Levin hold that the current view that places the Supreme Court as the body that may over-rule laws approved by the Knesset is undemocratic.
Those who hold such a view claim the Supreme Court is not under any checks and balances and ergo is a de facto small group of men and women that do not enjoy the consent of the people yet are able to cancel laws accepted by those whom the public voted for.
Those who favor the current role of the court warn that a democracy without a body that oversees acts of parliament can easily slide towards a dictatorship of the majority and that the court is meant to be an unbiased body untainted by political considerations.
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