Nitzan Horowitz: 'Without Netanyahu, without Likud'

Head of the Democratic Union party Nitzan Horowitz reaffirmed that the party will work for a government without Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and without the Likud party at the Jerusalem Post-Maariv 2019 Elections Conference on Wednesday.
Horowitz urged voters to think about the drastic measures that Netanyahu will take in order to gain a majority when forming the government. The Democratic Union leader called out Netanyahu for his decision to collapse the government instead of choosing someone else to form the government.
Horowitz claimed that Netanyahu is trying so hard to stay in the government in order not to stand for judgement for allegations against him.
In response to questions about a video the Democratic Union put out against Labor party member Orly Levy Abekasis, Horowitz answered that "Orly's voting record is ugly." 
Horowitz expressed his disappointment that Labor joined with someone who voted for the death penalty and the nation-state law. 
"To my disappointment, Peretz notified us at the last moment that he doesn't want us. He doesn't want the left," said Horowitz. "With us the voters who want something else, know that they're voting for something certain."
After questions about why he joined with Barak who is not liked by the Arab community, Horowitz mentioned that Barak was chief of staff, but did not answer why he joined with Barak although he is controversial with the Arab community.