N.Korean leader Kim and Trump to continue talks- state media

SEOUL, March 1 - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump decided to continue productive talks to resolve problems discussed at their Hanoi summit, in order to bring about the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and groundbreaking progress in the North Korea-U.S. relationship, state media KCNA said on Friday.
The two leaders had a constructive and sincere exchange of views on practical issues to open a new age in improving North Korea-U.S. relations, KCNA said.
The two leaders saw that efforts and proactive measures taken by both sides to ease tension, propel peace and bring about complete denuclearization on the Korean peninsula has been gravely meaningful in encouraging trust between them and fundamentally changing the distrust and inimical relationship that had continued between the two countries for decades, KCNA said.
The two leaders said their second meeting in Hanoi has been an important chance to build trust and lift the relationship between their two countries to the next level, KCNA said.