Obama on peace: Not giving up, no matter how hard

US President Barack Obama said he will not give up on peace between Israelis and Palestinians "no matter how hard it is," at a press conference in the West Bank city of Ramallah Thursday, where he was hosted by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.
Obama insisted on his commitment to realizing a vision of two states, which he said is in the best interest of Palestinians, Israelis, the US, and the entire world. He described a future with a "Palestinian state in the homeland of the Palestinian people alongside the Jewish state of Israel."
He described recent protests that have erupted in the West Bank in anticipation of his visit as an "understanding of the moral force of non-violence." He added that the Palestinian people have the "talent, drive, and courage to succeed in own there own state."
"I am confident we can arrive at a destination to advance a vision of two nations, neighbors, having peace, Israelis and Palestinians," he said.