One dead, 3 hurt in stabbing at Houston-area high school

One student was killed and threeothers injured in what police said may have been a gang-relatedstabbing at a suburban high school north of Houston onWednesday, and a teenager has been arrested and charged withmurder in the case, authorities said.

Luis Alonzo Alfaro, 17, admitted the stabbing toauthorities, according to the Harris County Sheriff's office.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia, who said the incidentmay have been gang-related, said the student who died at SpringHigh School was also 17. The other three victims weretransported to hospitals, treated and released, police said.

"We believe that a confrontation of some sort occurred ...that ultimately led to a physical confrontation that thenproduced weapons," Garcia said.

The high school in Spring, about 24 miles north of Houston,was locked down for hours after the incident and littleinformation was released to parents.