Package at Giffords' office was non-explosive

TUCSON, Arizona  — A loud noise rattled more than 100 people attending a candlelight vigil Saturday outside the headquarters of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, where authorities investigated a suspicious package that turned out to be non-explosive.
Police department spokesman Lt. Fabian Pacheco says an officer checking Giffords' office in Tucson had found a "strange" item that he said resembled a coffee can and had writing on it. Pacheco would not disclose what the writing said.
A bomb squad worked for a couple hours, using X-ray equipment, to try to figure out what the package was before the loud noise was heard. The noise was caused by authorities' efforts to destroy the package and render it safe.
Pacheco says there was no threat to public safety.
The package was found after a shooting rampage that left Giffords wounded and killed six others.