Peres, IAF commander Nehushtan off to Romania for memorials

Israel Air Force chief Maj.- Gen. Ido Nehushtan flew this morning to Romania for a special visit following the IAF Yasour helicopter crash on July 26, the IDF Spokesperson reported Thursday.
Nehushtan will fly over the area of the crash with the Romanian air force chief.
The IAF chief is scheduled to participate in a memorial service at a Jewish synagogue in Brusov along with President Shimon Peres, a special Israeli delegation of Yasour airmen, commander of the IAF elite search-and-rescue unit 699, Jewish community members in Brusov, Romanian government representatives and members of the military.
In the evening, Nehushtan will join Peres and the Romanian president for dinner.
On Friday, the IAF chief and Peres will participate in an official memorial ceremony in rememberance of Holocaust victims in Bucharest. They will also meet with the Romanian chief of staff.
The delegation is scheduled to return Friday.