Peres: Iran dangerous, but no need to get hysterical

Iran is very dangerous, but there is no need to get hysterical about it, said President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem on Tuesday at a meeting of ambassadors and consuls serving abroad, including new appointees who will be going abroad in the summer.
"Israel has been in worse positions," he said, citing as an example the War of Independence, in which Israel, short of ammunition and manpower, nonetheless emerged triumphant.
It was important, he implied, for Israel's enemies to believe that Israel had the upper hand. In this context he referred to Israel's plant in Dimona. For years no one knew exactly what was going on in Dimona. People guessed but they didn't know for a fact, and imagination, said Peres, was a sufficient deterrent.
Likewise today, no one knows to what extent Israel is capable of dealing with Iran, but with the reputation that Israel has in science and technology, it is imagined that Israel can take care of the Iran problem if necessary, he stated.
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