PM, FM renew discussions on appointing envoy to UN

Some three months after Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman named veteran Foreign Ministry diplomat Meron Reuben as interim envoy to the UN, the Prime Minister's Office confirmed Wednesday that Lieberman and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu were discussing the appointment of permanent candidates to that job.
Among the "worthy candidates" being discussed, the PMO said in a statement, was Environment Protection Minister Gilad Erdan.  "No decision has yet been made," the statement read.
Lieberman announced in July that he was appointing Reuben as interim envoy to the UN, a move taken so he could bypass Netanyahu and not need to get his approval for the appointment. The two were unable for months to agree on whom to send to the UN to replace Gabriela Shalev, whose term expired September 1. An interim appointment does not need cabinet approval, and Reuben has been at the UN since early August.