Police beef up presence in South due to threat of rockets

Police in the South have increased the number of officers and patrol cars in the country's largest police districts in response to the threat of further rockets and shells from Gaza.
Lt.-Cmdr. Kobi Cohen, acting southern district head, held an evaluation meeting over the security situation, and concluded with a decision to increase the number of officers at the disposal of station chiefs.
Patrol cars on urban roads will be beefed up as well, and a stand-by police force will be available in case of an additional flare up.
Officers will also be deployed on roads leading to hospitals, and police volunteers have been called up.
Since the beginning of the week, 69 rockets were fired from Gaza into the southern district, while 109 rockets have been fired since the beginning of the year.
Since the end of Operation Cast Lead, 450 rockets were fired into southern Israel, police said.