Police use infiltration law to sidestep courts

Two Eritrean men held since last Thursday on suspicion of raping a Tel Aviv woman were handed over to immigration authorities on Wednesday, after police were unable to secure a further remand extension from the Tel Aviv District Court.
The two men will remain in the custody of immigration authorities for the foreseeable future, in keeping with Israel‘s new “infiltrators law“.
Only two days ago, the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court ordered the two men released from police custody, saying the investigation against the two was insufficient to keep them in custody any longer. Police immediately appealed the decision and the court agreed to hold another hearing at the Tel Aviv District Court on Wednesday.
At Wednesday’s hearing, a compromise was reached between the court and police, under which the two men would be handed over to immigration authorities, who will hold them in one of their facilities until construction of the mass detention center for illegal migrants is completed this fall.