Private eye escapes unscathed from apparent car bombing

A private investigator walked away from a car bombing in Petah Tikva on Wednesday morning, in an incident that has Central District police baffled.
The man told police he was driving on Yitzhak Rabin street in the city when he heard a loud noise and then pulled over to the side of the road where he noticed a hole in the left side of his car. When he looked closer, it became apparent that an explosive device had been fixed to the door.
The driver called police who quickly shut down traffic in both directions on the thoroughfare, and sent in sappers to clear the area.
Police said the man has no connection to organized crime or a criminal record and they don't believe that the bombing was at all connected to his line of work.
At the moment the case is being examined by the Petah Tikva police, and has not been handed over to the Central District branch of the YAMAR investigative unit, which is typically tasked with incidents like car bombings.