Rami Levy supermarket chain boycotting Turkish goods

Rami Levy, owner of “Rami Levy Shivuk Hashikma” supermarkets chain has decided to stop stocking merchandise made in Turkey, to protest the country’s recent policies towards Israel.
Levy said Monday that the boycott would also extend to the clothing stores and wholesale distributing company he runs in Israel.
The supermarket chain include 16 branches across the Jerusalem area, as well as stores in Ramat Gan, Haifa, Tiberias, and the south of Israel.
Levy told Channel 10 Sunday that the company will “finish all of the stock we have [from Turkey] and start importing from a different country, one that isn’t hostile to Israel.”
Levy added that he made the decision in spite of the fact that Turkish products are cheaper, adding that he believes that the Israeli public will be willing to pay a few cents extra in order to avoid supporting an “enemy state."