Report: Terrorist wanted for 2002 attacks in Kenya killed in Somalia raid

One of two people killed when troops fired from helicopters at a car in Somalia on Monday was Kenya-born Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, a terrorist wanted for the 2002 hotel bombing and simultaneous, but botched, missile attack on Israeli airliner leaving Kenya's Mombasa airport, Reuters reported. In 2002, suicide bombers killed 13 people and injured over 80 in an attack on the Paradise Hotel, a popular Israeli vacation spot in Mombasa, Kenya. At the same time, two shoulder-to-air missiles were launched at an Israeli charter jet that had taken off from a nearby airport. The missiles missed their target. According to the report, residents of the Somali town where the attack took place said foreign soldiers in helicopters fired from the air and hit a car near Barawe, killing two people and taking two wounded men with them.