Right-wing bloc MKs to boycott Knesset committee forming discussions

The right-wing bloc will boycott discussions at the Knesset on Monday that are meant to form committees to handle the coronavirus outbreak, announced MK Miki Zohar, chairman of the Likud faction, on Sunday, according to Maariv.
"In light of the one-sided behavior of the Blue and White Party and their friends, all 58 members of the right-wing bloc decided to boycott the discussion [Monday] at the Knesset plenary," said Zohar. "Throughout all the years that the State of Israel has existed and in all 22 Knessets that have been formed in it, there has never been a situation in which the formation of the Regulations Committee and other committees have been brought to a vote at the plenary without an agreement, sadly and to the shame of Blue and White this dam has been breached, even this rule has been broken amid their stampede after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who acts from morning to morning for all citizens of Israel in the complicated fight against the coronavirus which endangers all citizens of Israel." 
"This dictatorial approach that they are carrying out under the leadership of Yair Lapid and Avi Nisenkron pains us, there is no doubt that this approach will lead them in the future to a hard democratic failure," added Zohar.