Road Safety Authority c'tee releases conclusions on forgotten children

A committee organized by the National Road Safety Authority to examine the phenomenon of forgetting children in cars has completed its discussions, and the authority will adopt its conclusions.
 First and foremost, the committee concluded that forgetting a baby in a care is a rare phenomenon both in Israel and in the US, and that there are no in-depth studies identifying a certain character type of people more likely to do so. Meanwhile, only 50 percent of babies who die of heat stroke in a car in the US due so following an act of forgetfulness – rather, the rest die due to a decision to leave them in the car for a short period of time or due to a child climbing into the car on his or her own, the Road Safety Authority said.
The authority has therefore concluded that leaving a child in a car even for a short period of time alone should be prohibited, and that upon locking the doors, adults must make sure that no human or animal is left in the car. For the upcoming summer, the Road Safety Authority intends to launch a campaign reminding parents to doublecheck that children are not left in the cars. Meanwhile, if only one parent is driving the child, the second parent should  always call the first and make sure that the child arrived safely to his her destination, the authority said.