Sanders: polls point to him beating Trump over Hillary

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders asks the delegates to consider him as the Democratic candidate most likely to beat Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, during a rally in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Saturday.
"National polls and state polls have us, all of us, doing significantly better than Hillary Clinton in the race against Donald Trump," said Sanders.
Clinton and Trump both poll well with voters of their respective parties, but independent voters continue to express uncertainty about who they will support, with 38 percent in the Reuters/Ipsos poll saying they are unsure or would vote for someone else.
Trump has taunted Clinton in recent days for failing to "close the deal" against Sanders.
"If we have an energized American voter who is now prepared to stand up and fight back, we can have a very, very large voter turnout in November and when that occurs, not only do we retain the White House but we regain the Senate," said Sanders.