Sarkozy plans to return in 2017 ‘to save France’

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy thinks he will have “no choice but to come back” to the political arena in 2017 in order to save France, according to the satirical daily newspaper Le Canard Enchainé.
The newspaper, which usually has very good sources, reports that Sarkozy said this recently to his ex-minister of agriculture, Bruno Le Maire, who was in charge of his electoral program during the campaign he lost last May to the Socialist François Hollande.
The report was taken from a quote originally published by the website Le Lab.
“Looking at the catastrophic situation in which France will be in five years, I have no choice in 2017. The question is not if I will come back, but if I have the choice morally, for France, not to come back,” Sarkozy said, according to the report.
“I cannot morally pass off my responsibility with regard to the French people,” the ex-President added.
A majority of the supporters of the right wing in France want Sarkozy to return to active political life.
The question of a comeback by Sarkozy is beginning to disturb the current campaign for the leadership of the moderate right-wing party, the UMP (Union for a Popular Movement), that he formerly led.