Security prisoner attacks Red Cross worker at Shikma prison

A security prisoner jailed on an attempted murder charge attacked a representative of the Red Cross on Thursday, while he was paying the man a visit at Shikma prison in Ashkelon.
While the Red Cross representative was visiting the man in his cell, the prisoner reportedly hit him across the head with a sewage drain cover he had removed from the floor of a prison bathroom, the Israel Prison Service spokesman Sivan Weitzman said.
The Red Cross worker suffered a laceration to the top of his head and was treated at the prison's clinic, before being taken to hospital for a further evaluation.
The detainee, who is being held until the end of the legal proceedings against him, was arrested earlier this year on an attempted murder charge. He is from the West Bank and is affiliated with Fatah, according to the IPS.
Shortly after the incident, investigators were called to the cell to determine how the incident took place.