Senior diplomat discusses "Ayrilik" with acting Turkish envoy

Foreign Ministry officia

Turkey's acting ambassador in Israel, Jailan Ozen, met with Foreign Ministry official Naor Gilon in Jerusalem on Thursday afternoon to discuss the anti-Israeli drama "Ayrilik" ("Farewell") which premiered on Turkey's popular state-run station TRT1 on Tuesday. Following the meeting, Ozen declined to comment to the press, Army Radio reported. Prior to the meeting, Foreign Ministry spokesman Yossi Levy said that Gilon would tell the Turkish diplomat how shocked Israel was with the "hate-inciting television drama, which depicted distorted facts." Israel was hurt and offended because the show was broadcast in a country that has a long history of good relations with Israel and the Jewish people, Levy said. After returning to Ankara on Wednesday, Israel's Ambassador to Turkey Gabi Levy was expected to discuss the matter with Turkish government officials.