Social Justice leaders mull political involvement

Leaders of the Israeli social justice movement say they are prepared to take a step towards entering the political arena in light of the upcoming elections which were announced by the government this week.
Since the start of the movement, it’s leaders have made clear that they wished to stay a social initiative for the Israeli people and remain disconnected from the political arena.
With the upcoming elections however, the opportunity to influence decision-making at parliamentary level seems to gain popularity amongst the movement’s leaders.
Yonatan Levy, one of the main organizers of the summer 2011 protests, explained he is convinced building a party is the necessary next step to the social cause: “The last year and a half has proven to us that if we are not in the political sphere, it doesn’t really matter how many people we will get to come out to the streets,” he said. “At the end of the day, the decisions are made in the political system. There is an urgent need for people who participate in the movement and people who identify with it, especially young people, to enter the political arena,” he added.